11390019_10155700879550338_8351524968731370686_nWelcome to By Invitation Only Weddings! As the recipient of this invitation, you have been selected by one of our exclusive members as a possible VIP Wedding client. For all of us, this means that you are looking for only the best service our wedding industry has to offer!

As a VIP, you are encouraged to contact our featured vendors listed on this website to help you plan your upcoming wedding. Rest assured that each of our members will spend the necessary time with you, using the utmost care and professionalism, in order to better understand your wants and needs as a Groom or Bride-to-Be!

As you are well aware, in the wedding industry you will find many vendors that will try to attract you by bundling up their services. NOT with VIP Weddings! Here, each member specializes in performing one service extremely well. We do this because we care about quality, and our concern is for you, the bride and groom. By working with each of our member vendors, you will get the expertise necessary to have as flawless a wedding as possible!

Our VIP clients have several things in common with each other. First and foremost, our VIP’s want their weddings to be like no other! Secondly, our VIP’s place a great deal of importance on selecting great vendors. And, last but not least, our VIP’s require that we take great care working on each and every detail of their wedding!

With our member vendors working together on your wedding day, this will allow you the peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy the events that unfold and give you the best possible memories to be treasured for generations to come!
Each of us comes highly-recommended by the community due to our reputation for quality, and our passion for helping others like you create your most perfect day!
Please visit each of our fine wedding vendors inside this website and ask about your wedding date, as we book up quickly and have limited availability!